5 de August de 2019

Video of the “meeting of the Bahia articulation Minas Gerais in defense of the Brown River”

In the year 2015 in the municipality of Canavieiras was made the first moment for articulation Bahia-Minas in defense of the waters of the Rio Brown, held at the headquarters of the AMEX-association mother of the Extractive of Canavieiras, in this meeting was traced common objectives for the Defense and mobilization in the Pardo River basin.
5 de August de 2019

Socio-environmental study of the brown River basin

Research exposes the consequences of irrigation, deforestation and monoculture plantations (coffee and eucalyptus) for the water crisis in the Vale do Rio Pardo Summary Research results conducted by the Center for Studies and Social action, this report exposes, in a Without further analysis, the results of the Research carried out by its authors regarding the Socio-environmental problems in the river basin brown, especially in its average portions, in the Southwest of Bahia, and High, in the north of Minas Gerais. From Porto de Santa Cruz, in Cândido Sales, until it flows In Canavieiras, the Pardo River travels 345 km in land Bahia, from its total path of 565 km. Is it true that the Each period, with less water. Not because of exclusive Reduction of rainfall. But, because now your […]
5 de August de 2019

River Brown, river marked to die

Documentary (1990) directed by Melquezedech (Vitória da Conquista-Bahia)


7 de November de 2019

Meeting of the Articulation in defense of the River Pardo in the Southwest defines strategies of action

The animation group of the Articulation in Defense of the Pardo River met in Vitória da Conquista, on Thursday, 07.11.2019, the animation group of the Articulation in Defense of the Pardo River. Supporters of the Pardo were present in the municipalities of Vitória da Conquista, Cruzilhada, Cândido Sales and Ribeirão do Largo. The meeting discussed the current context of the Pardo River basin, emphasizing not only the problems, but also the ongoing preservation initiatives. Moreover, the construction of the Articulation Communication Policy continued, whose objective is to produce and disseminate social and environmental information related to the river, for which this Observatory is strategic. Finally, the group discussed actions to be taken in partnership with the Federal Public Prosecution Service regarding Rio Pardo and the Bahia State Public Prosecution Service […]
6 de August de 2019

Documentary video of Rio Pardo de Minas-MG

The video reports the biggest water crisis faced by the municipality of Rio Pardo de Minas.
6 de August de 2019


The expansion of the irrigated area, the temporal and spatial poor distribution, as well as the misuse of water and land are causes of serious water problems in river basins. Given the relevance of knowledge of the hydrological behavior and coverage of land use and the absence of the Rio Pardo River basin Committee, this study aimed to evaluate the hydrological behavior of the Pardo River basin, with Based on estimates of the consuntive uses of water and the influence of vegetation cover on the minimum, medium and maximum flows of the river. The spatial distribution of the annual average rainfall was analyzed; Of the annual average reference evapotranspiration; of minimum flows, long-term averages, and maximum rates associated with the permanence of 90; Of the average long-term specific flows; and […]
6 de August de 2019

Popular Initiative Law in Itarantine-BA

“Discipline the policy and the Municipal system of the environment and normatizes the afforestation with exotic species, reconciling it with the defense of the municipal environment, and makes other arrangements.”
6 de August de 2019

Hydrological study and superficial water demands in the Paro River basin Sub-basins

Preliminary report “Studies of water demands and surface water availability of the Ribeirão Santana watershed”
6 de August de 2019

Oficio S/n

From the Forum of social entities and movements of Southwest Bahia, to the environmental nucleus of the Public Prosecutor’s Office of the State of Bahia-Dr ª Karina Gomes Cherubini

"Fostering the leading role of rural and urban communities by gathering and providing information, data, technical and academic studies on water in the Pardo River Basin ... this is our mission."

River Basin Brown

River Brown

The Brown is a federal river that runs for a length of 565 km, being 220 km in the Minas Gerais territory, from the source, in the municipality of Rio Pardo de Minas, at about 750 m altitude, to a mouth in Canavieiras, state of Bahia. , when it flows into the Atlantic Ocean, 18 km above the mouth of the Jequitinhonha River.

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The River, which in the colonial period was called Santo Antônio, was one of the most representative scenarios of the advance of the Portuguese occupation of the backlands, becoming one of the meeting points between such different cultures (natives and colonizers).

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